Design as an intellectual and concrete activity aimed at creating spaces and artefacts that can be linked to people’s lives. The multidisciplinary and transversal approach, sensitive to the uses, the forms and the nature of the materials, always moves in search of a meaning to be entrusted to places and objects, to build up and strengthen their identity and to unveil their beauty.

Jacopo was born in Florence, architect and designer, he deals with architecture, interiors, product design and art direction. International awards winner, his work has been published on important books and magazines. He achieved a Phd on Architectural and Urban Design at the University of Florence where he lectured and still collaborates. Professor of industrial and interior design at the Accademia Italiana, Nottingham Trent University, he lectured as visiting professor at University of Parma, University of Wales, Iowa State University and Arcadia UniversityGuangdong University of Finance and Economics. He has been member of the editorial staff at the international magazine of architecture and design culture Materia.

A-Factor. Interior Design Contest, with Sama Abdelmohsen (First Prize)

Porada International Design Award (Third Prize)
Andreu World International Design Contest (Honorable Mention)
Castelli Design Contest (Mention)
Ilide Design Contest (2 projects shortlisted)
Colombo Design Award (Shortlisted)
Young Design Talent Award (First Prize)
Pelle+ (2 projects mentioned)
House of the 3rd Millennium (Mention)
Caiazza Memorial Challenge (Honorable Mention)
Vico Magistretti Award (2 projects shortlisted)
Chamber of Commerce of Prato, with RPA (Fifth Prize)
Arezzo Province Headquarters, with RPA (First Prize)
University Library, Florence, with RPA (Shortlisted)
Misericordia di Prato, with RPA (Third Prize)
School in Bergamo, with RPA (Shortlisted)
Biennale di Arte Contemporanea in Transito, Roma
Italian Artists’ Annual 2004, Singapore
Echi di Luce (Special Mention).
Monaco Luxe Pack Design Award, Montecarlo, Monaco (First Prize for Italy)
MAD logo (Multimedia Architettura Design), Firenze (Shortlisted)
Regola la Luce (Shortlisted)
Florence Micrometro Stations, with A. Gervasi (First Prize)
A square in Bibbiena, Arezzo, with A. Gervasi (Second Prize)
La Terza Porta, Parterre di Firenze, (Shortlisted)

Young Blood, University of Florence
P.A.T.F., Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence
Castelli Design Contest, Castelli showroom, Milan
Hands on Door Handles, Triennale di Milano.
Places of hospitality, Palazzo Portalupi, Milan.
Pelle+, NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano.
Places of hospitality, Verona.
Visions, Festival for Architecture and Media, Stazione Leopolda, Florence.
Deisign, Torino World Design Capital 2008, Cuneo.
Living simplicity in furniture design, De Padova, Milan.
Promosedia, Udine.
House of Architects, Parterre di Firenze.
Beauty World Frankfurt.
Biennale of Contemporary Art, Castel Sant’Angelo, Rome.
9th Biennale Architecture, Israeli Pavilion, (with Andrea Branzi, Gilberto and Luca Corretti).
Provincia di Pisa Headquarters, Pisa.
Piazza Tarlati Design, Bibbiena, Arezzo.
Monaco Luxe Pack, Montecarlo.
33 stations for the Florence Micrometro, Palazzo Pitti, Florence.
Parco Talenti, Rome.
Preserving the past, plan for the future, Rome.
Univercity, Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence.
Venice. The New Architecture, IUAV, Venice.
The new exit of the Uffizzi, Sala delle Reali Poste, Uffizzi, Florence.
Florentine architects of the new generation, Matera.
Our work has been published on several books and magazines. Here is a selection:

Young Blood, FM ed., 2010
Topografie. Linguaggi di architettura ambientale, Alinea, 2008
Living simplicity in furniture design, Designboom & De Padova, 2007
Identità dell’architettura italiana 2004-2006, Diabasis, 2006
Back to the Sea, Israeli Pavilion, Architecture Biennale, Venice, 2004
Biennale di Arte Contemporanea in transito, catalog, 2004
Italian artists’ annual, Three Wise Owls, Singapore, 2004
Piazza Tarlati, Bibbiena, Libreria Alfani, 2003
33 stazioni della metropolitana a Firenze, catalog, 2002
European House Now, Rizzoli, 1999
Young Italian Architects, Birkhäuser 1998
La Nuova Uscita degli Uffizzi, Giunti, 1998
Città e comunicazione, Electa, 1998

Her hat keinen Lieblingsstein. Der italienische Designer und Architeckt Jacopo Maria Giagnoni im Porträt by Anna Keil on Stein Magazin 10/2019
chair on Case e Stili 4, 2011
Expletive Subjects and Digestive Architectures by Sabin Bors, on Arhitext 1/2011
AK-47/Mirabolity Guns by Sabin Bors, on Arhitext 203/204, 2010
A Borderline Aesthetics of Life by Sabin Borş, on Arhitext 200, 2009
Lisa, on Chairs 2, 2007
Lisa chair Caiazza Memorial, on Interni 577, 2007
The Island Diaspora, on Interni 548, 2005
The Island Diaspora, on Abitare 443, 2004
Israele, fantasia e utopia, on Panorama, 2004
House of Architects, on Opere n.6, Sept. 2004
Florence Micrometro, on d’Architettura n.18 & 19

and more on A10, Aión, Casabella, Firenze Architettura, Il Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24 Ore, Italia Oggi, La Repubblica, L’Arca, L’Industria delle Costruzioni, Opere, Il Corriere di Firenze, Toscana.

Jacopo also practice as a journalist and writer, intending writing as an extension of his design research. Here is a selection of writings:

Jackson Clements Burrows, Housing in Victoria Street, Melbourne, Australia, on Materia 62
La città nell’edificio. I luoghi urbani interni nell’opera di Giovanni Michelucci, PhD thesis, University of Florence.
Gianni Arnaudo. V2 Elettronica productive plant, on Materia 53
Ulla Alberts and Hans Murman, Juniper House, on Materia 56
Budapest Ferihegy Airport, on Materia 49
Iñaki Aspiazu Iza, Bodegas Baigorri. Spain, on Materia 46
C. F. Møller Architects, Field’s, Copenhagen, on Materia 48
Carlson + Aoki + Clementi. Louis Vuitton store. Tokyo, on Materia 43
Auer + Weber, ESO Hotel, Cile, on Materia 44
Rural Studio. Corrugated Cardboard Pod, Newbern, Hale County, Alabama, on Materia 42
Kengo Kuma. Great (bamboo) Wall, China, on Materia 42
Toyo Ito. Multifunctional Center in Ota Ku, on Materia 37
Klaus Kada + Wittfeld. Nursing home in St. Nikolaus, on Materia 38
Osinaga + Madridejos: medical school of Arrixaca, on Materia 39
Review of Carlos Raùl Villanueva, Tanais Ed., Logos Arts, Princeton Arch. Press, Birkhäuser, on Area 47
Alsop & Störmer. North Greenwich Station, London, on Materia 35
Kengo Kuma. Noh Theatre in the forest, on Materia 36
Recent exhibitions about Toyo Ito, on Area 47
Review of Maurizio Sacripanti. Maestro di architettura by M.L. Neri e L. Thermes, Gangemi, on Area 50
Review of Luigi Moretti. Opere e scritti di M. Mulazzani e F. Bucci, Electa, on Area 51
Review of Gabriele Basilico. Interrupted City, Actar, on Area 44
Review of Aldo Rossi, exhibiton at Triennale di Milano, on Area 47

Teaching is an important part of our design practice.
We permanently collaborates with or are invited as visiting lecturer, professor or mentor, by leading institutions such as the University of Florence, University of Parma, American Institute of Architects, University of Wales, Arcadia University, Nottingham Trent University, Accademia Italiana, Iowa State University.
Since 2001.
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